What I'm Looking Forward to: May
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What I’m looking forward to: May


What’s this monthly “looking forward to” stuff all about? Check out “What I’m Looking Forward To: April” to read why I started it (and why I think you should, too!)


Each week since I wrote “Single Longer than Expected? 10 Tips to Thrive, Not Just Survive, in This Season,” I’ve been posting weekly tips and encouragement to Facebook and Instagram.


This week’s tip was to “Find the little things that make you happy, and do them often”.

I truly believe that life is all about the little things. The “big things” come only so often, but there are little things we can fall in love with and look forward to every single day.


So much so, that when we intentionally look for them, I believe that they can easily become the “big” things, and make every day something to look forward to.


That’s especially true for me this month. Living in Panama has been a wild ride, full of adventure, and busy weekends. And while I don’t believe the adventure will stop in the month of May, it’s looking like this month I’ll be looking forward to the everyday things, instead of some big, grand adventure.

And frankly, I can’t wait.


It’s the everyday moments that so often go unnoticed where real, genuine life is happening, and I’ve been making it a point to not miss them anymore.


So here goes. Here’s everything I’m looking forward to in the month of May, with only “the little things” to add to the list. But you know what? I think the little things, are everything. And I can’t wait to share them with you.


The Little Things


The Rainy Season:

Rain can be a total and complete inconvenience, but I think it can also be a relief. It’s like the earth’s permission to stay home, settle in, and watch some Netflix. (and I’ll take permission to do that any day).

It’s the beginning of rainy season here in Panama. And when I say rainy season, I mean torrential downpour where the buildings disappear, and thunder so loud your chest vibrates.

But I love it. And I love the peaks of sun that still allow us to sit by the pool, and the rain that gives us permission to sit quietly, relax, and watch it fall from our balconies.

(I feel like I just got seriously sappy about rain, but I genuinely love it. So go ahead and judge me if you want.)


My Neighbor’s Pool (and my neighbors!):

I’ve recently made a few friends in the building next door. And first of all, I love these girls. It’s crazy how such a unique situation as living in another country can bond you almost instantly.

But also…the pool in their building is bangin’. It’s heated, so I’ll actually get in it. Sushi and drinks are delivered to your chair. And there’s no shortage of good looking guys. (did I say that out loud?)


What I'm Looking Forward to: May


Bike Riding on the Causeway:

If you follow me on social media, you’ve no doubt seen me post about the Causeway almost a million times.

The Causeway is a road that was built from what they blasted out of the ground to build the canal, and it connects the mainland, with a group of small islands.

I make it a point to bike ride there every chance I get. The scenery is unreal, and it’s the best way to start a day. It’s by far my favorite place in Panama City, and the first place I’ll be when I come back to visit in the future.


What I'm Looking Forward to: May


Facetiming home:

I haven’t been home for about four months now. A part of me never wants to go home, and another part of me misses the simple pleasures of…well, home.

I think I call my parents just to talk more now than I ever did before, and you can make fun of me all you want, but I Facetime my cat like it’s my job. If she could hold the phone herself I’d call her all the time.


What I'm Looking Forward to: May


Sunsets from the balcony:

The sun sets here in Panama far earlier than I would like, and that means I have to rush home if I want to catch the sunset.

If I make it in time, you’ll find me just standing on my balcony taking it all in as the sun sinks behind the buildings. It’s a different color every night, and I never get tired of it.


What I'm Looking Forward to: May



So there you have it. All the little things that are making up my May.

Tell me, whether big or small (or small that is actually big!), what are you looking forward to this month?

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