• Contentment and you young people
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    Contentment and you young people

    I have to admit something. I’m ashamed, and a little embarrassed but…I have to tell you that I just turned 29 and, according to this article online, I have just not accomplished anything at all in life so far. By the time I’m 30, apparently I’m supposed to have traveled to all seven continents, climbed Mt. Everest, run with the bulls, read 150,000 books, gotten my dream job AND cured cancer, all while maintaining a thriving social life, feeding myself and doing laundry. I don’t know about you, but, if I see another one of these “Things you should do by the time you’re 30” articles, I’m going to start…

  • We Never Stop Growing Up
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    We never stop growing up

    When you turn 18, you become an adult. You can vote, you can fight for your country, your parents are ready to send you off to college or maybe just give you the bill for the last 18 years and send you on your way. You’re supposed to be grown up. Well, its been ten years since I turned 18, and I feel anything but grown up. If a child ran up to me saying they needed help and looking for an adult, I’d have to say “Oh! Me too! Let’s look for one together.”   You see, I’m not a grown up.   I still sleep till 11am on…

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    Why I go to counseling

    Man is life hard sometimes. I’m sure you’ve noticed that by now. I don’t think its a realization that anyone escapes. We all hit a rough patch, or two, or hundreds. And sometimes even adjusting to the most tremendously wonderful parts of our lives can be hard. I mean, have you ever met a new parent, or someone planning a wedding? Not to mention that regardless of the circumstance, just living inside our own heads can be exhausting. I’m sure we’ve all had moments where we think “Why in the world do I think that way? And why in the world can’t I stop?”   Life is hard sometimes. Its…

  • Four Life Lessons That Make Dating a Little Less Awful | Dating Advice | Singleness | Dating Tips | Dating Quotes | justbeautifullyhonest.com
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    Four life lessons that make dating a little less awful

    Dating is hard.   It just is. For most of us, its a means to a more committed end, and so we endure it, but sometimes dating is just the worst. I’m not talking “dating” like a relationship. I’m talking guy meets girl, guy asks girl on date, both spend the evening nervously trying not to throw up, guy says he’ll call girl, girl spends next week making list of reasons that he hasn’t. Repeat.   For someone like me who is so commitment focused, the entire dating process can seem unbearable.   You’ll often find me with my arms crossed, pouty face on (its super cute, you should see…

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    God is disruptive

    God is disruptive. Have you ever noticed that? Straight up disruptive. He’s won’t just leave things the same. No matter how perfectly situated I get my life, no matter how perfectly I’ve trained my ducks to swim in that row, He inevitably does a cannon ball into the pond. Even better, sometimes He’s more sneaky. It’s not a big event that throws everything off. Sometimes its small, subtle changes where at first I don’t notice, and then suddenly one day I’m ugly crying into a tub of ice cream wondering how things got to where they are. Its uncomfortable. Its messes up my makeup. And its painful.   Why does…

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    There’s no such thing as a bad friend

    We all have friends who drive us a little crazy. Their inability to commit to plans is unmatched, their addiction to rap music could make ears bleed, and their aversion to fast food makes road trips far too healthy. But some part of us finds their quirks endearing (that’s what you guys think about me, right?), and if not endearing, the benefits of being their friend far outweigh occasionally pulling our hair out. And then there are the friends who don’t just drive us crazy, they make us crazy. Sometimes we wish that public displays of frustration were socially acceptable so we could shake, maybe even slap, some sense into…

  • My last resolution: To see a chance for change in every day
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    My last resolution: To see every day as a chance for change

    A new year, a new you. This year will be the year that we finally do all the things that we’ve been putting off. We’ll fit into those old jeans again, be more selfless, and keep the house a little cleaner. As of January 1, we will be new. There’s magic in that day. Except that there really isn’t, is there? The reality is that January 1 is no more life-changing than any other day. We are still the same people that we were the day before. We have the same strengths and weaknesses. The turn of the clock and the flip of the calendar hasn’t changed us.   What…

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    Be proud of everything you do: On your birthday

    It all started with another one of my bright ideas. A few years back, I decided that my friends and I would all dress up and hit the town for my birthday. Girls in dresses, guys in ties. The night came, and while thunder and rain crashed down outside, I was throwing dresses out of my closet, putting them on, taking them off, generally in a huff that I, the birthday girl, couldn’t decide what to wear. All the while, I’m fielding calls from friends stuck in traffic due to power outages, adding three last minute people to our already seventeen person reservation, and ensuring my friend whose wiper blade…

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    Don’t get married unless you have to

    I’ve hit an age (well actually, I hit it about 6 years ago) where marriage is a hot topic of conversation among my friends.   Not just among my female friends either. Apparently, we have finally arrived at an age where the guys have come around to the idea that maybe marriage isn’t the killer of all things fun (praise the Lord for this miracle). Throughout all of these discussions, which are often followed by take-out and Friends marathons to band-aid the pain, there is one theme that has emerged:   WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG?   Getting married certainly hasn’t happened on my timeline, nor that of most of…

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    Why the red cup really matters

    Alright. We all saw it. The infamous controversy over the new Starbucks cups. In case you somehow missed it, there are Christians (supposedly) who weren’t all too thrilled that Starbucks went minimalist this year and removed all holiday/Christmas emblems from their holiday cups. (I must have somehow missed back when baby Jesus was on the cup. Bummer.) Here’s why I think this controversy really mattered, and should matter to Christians and non-Christians alike: The media set out to make the Christian community look petty, nitpicky and irrational, and in the end, it achieved the opposite. In a time when it seems that everyone, particularly the media, is just waiting for and expecting…