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    November: What I’m looking forward to

    Over the past several years I’ve had some amazing, on-a-high, joy-filled moments.   But I’ve also had others that were dark, where I wondered how I would even keep going, sprinkled in amongst many that were just average, and kind of “meh”. And I’ve learned that on these more difficult or average, no-spark, feeling like I’m trapped in this feeling kind of days, there’s one thing that really keeps me going: Having something to look forward to.   Having something to look forward to keeps me, well, looking forward!   It keeps me from getting stuck in the moment that I’m in, thinking that it’s the only feeling or circumstance…

  • Three Things to Remember When You're Feeling Behind in Life | Twenty Something | Thirty Something | Own Your Journey | Life Advice | Love Your Life | Own Your Story | justbeautifullyhonest.com
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    Three things to remember when you’re feeling behind in life

      Want to hear this post straight from me? Click the link above!   I was hanging out with some friends recently, eating pizza on the floor (you know, the usual), and commiserating over the ways that our lives haven’t turned out as planned.   To give you a picture of what I mean, in this particular group, none of us are married, we don’t have kids, and many of us still don’t know where our careers are going. That isn’t where any of us planned to end up. And we all, with spirited yet regretful enthusiasm, agreed that night that we feel behind because of it.   Despite the…

  • Three encouraging lessons i've learned from doing more by myself | Finding Yourself | Things to Do Alone | Date Yourself | justbeautifullyhonest.com
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    When your friends aren’t available: Three encouraging lessons I’ve learned from doing more by myself

      Want to hear this post straight from me? Click the link above!   I’ve historically been the type who would rather miss out on something altogether than show up by myself.   Anyone out there feel me? I always felt I needed someone there to depend on, to have the experience with, and I especially needed someone there to ensure I didn’t look lonely to other people. God forbid. This was especially true of situations where people are typically participating together, like going to the movies, concerts, or eating in restaurants. But as I’ve gotten older, having someone else around whenever I want to do something has become an…

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    Three purposes of dating no one ever told me

      Want to hear this post straight from me? Click the link above!   Let me add a quick disclaimer to this post: I hate dating a solid 70% of the time.   Some days, its 100%. So if you’re reading this and thinking the same thing, I’m with you, and I’m not here to change your mind. I know how fruitless dating can seem, and how often it feels you’re wasting your time. But I do believe we’re gaining more than we realize with each date we go on, even when it produces no positive results.   I’m not talking “dating” like a committed relationship.   I’m talking first…

  • My Married Isnt Need Yet
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    My marriage isn’t needed yet

      Want to hear this post straight from me? Click the link above!   “God’s still getting him ready for you”   I’ve heard this, or some variation, time and time again as a single person. Sometimes it’s that God is still getting my husband ready for me, other times, its that I’m not ready, or we aren’t ready for each other. And I can understand the intention. There is a certain degree of finding and knowing yourself that’s important ahead of a relationship, and a level of being prepared for the commitment. But while I understand, my gut reaction to those comments is always one of feeling like somehow…

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    An authentic mess: That’s life

      Want to hear this post straight from me? Click the link above!   “That’s life.” I used to hate that phrase. It’s usually offered with a shrug after something far less than ideal has happened to someone who had a very different plan in mind, as if pointing out that life is out of our control is any sort of consolation. I’ve always thought it a particularly unreasonable phrase for a perfectionist like me. “ ‘That’s life’? You expect me to just accept that my perfect, storybook, Hollywood blockbuster-level plan fell apart because that’s just how life is? No thank you. And if in fact things don’t go well,…

  • Finding yourself when supposed to happen, didn't happen | Finding Yourself | Singleness | Growing Up | Change of Plans | God's Plan | Life Advice
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    Finding yourself when supposed to happen, didn’t happen

      Want to hear this post straight from me? Click the link above!   “Are you just looking at pictures of yourself on Facebook again?”   That’s what my roommate would say whenever she caught me in the act. Just flipping through photos of myself. Sheepish and red-cheeked, I would put my phone down. How vain could you be? Just ticking away moments looking at yourself. But what my roommate didn’t realize is that often when I do that, it’s because I can’t believe those photos are me. The places I’ve been, the things I’ve done, the friends I’ve made.   I often wonder what my reaction would have been…

  • Contentment and you young people
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    Contentment and you young people

    I have to admit something. I’m ashamed, and a little embarrassed but…I have to tell you that I just turned 29 and, according to this article online, I have just not accomplished anything at all in life so far. By the time I’m 30, apparently I’m supposed to have traveled to all seven continents, climbed Mt. Everest, run with the bulls, read 150,000 books, gotten my dream job AND cured cancer, all while maintaining a thriving social life, feeding myself and doing laundry. I don’t know about you, but, if I see another one of these “Things you should do by the time you’re 30” articles, I’m going to start…

  • We Never Stop Growing Up
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    We never stop growing up

    When you turn 18, you become an adult. You can vote, you can fight for your country, your parents are ready to send you off to college or maybe just give you the bill for the last 18 years and send you on your way. You’re supposed to be grown up. Well, its been ten years since I turned 18, and I feel anything but grown up. If a child ran up to me saying they needed help and looking for an adult, I’d have to say “Oh! Me too! Let’s look for one together.”   You see, I’m not a grown up.   I still sleep till 11am on…

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    Why I go to counseling

    Man is life hard sometimes. I’m sure you’ve noticed that by now. I don’t think its a realization that anyone escapes. We all hit a rough patch, or two, or hundreds. And sometimes even adjusting to the most tremendously wonderful parts of our lives can be hard. I mean, have you ever met a new parent, or someone planning a wedding? Not to mention that regardless of the circumstance, just living inside our own heads can be exhausting. I’m sure we’ve all had moments where we think “Why in the world do I think that way? And why in the world can’t I stop?”   Life is hard sometimes. Its…