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    What would I do if I knew I would never get married?: A single girl’s reflection on waiting

    I was chatting with a friend recently and she mentioned she’s started asking herself, “What would I do if I knew I would never get married?”   What dreams would she pursue? Where would she go? How would her choices be different if she weren’t waiting for her relationship status to change? I thought, how often are we as single women guilty of making our life choices based on a man who hasn’t shown up yet?   We so often wonder if we will ever get married, not just because it’s a hope in our hearts, but because we would make different choices if we knew.   And until we…

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    “This isn’t what I expected”: Encouragement for when life isn’t what it “should” be

    Last Saturday night I had a revelation.   I was in the bathroom cleaning, scrubbing a mascara smudge off the sink and trying to scoot the ever-curious kitty cat off the counter, and I realized…   …it’s ‪Saturday night‬, and I’m at home scrubbing the bathroom, and I’m…happy?   Now this is where some people would say that I’m old, but honestly, if learning to love a clean house and a night in my jammies is old, then I’m totally here for it. But more than being “old” (which personally I think I’m not, thank you very much), there’s something else that I realized in this moment.   I realized…