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    “But next year will be different, right God?”: Finding joy in today while hoping for tomorrow

    In most years past I’ve found myself bargaining with God this time of year.   “Ok God, I was single for the holidays again this year, but next year is the year it’s going to be different, right?”   But over the last several years, I’ve grown weary of waiting to live my life until it starts syncing with my timeline. So this holiday season, I’ve been taking the time to pause and appreciate this stage of life. Truthfully, a younger version of myself would have thought I had lost my ever-loving mind making a statement like that. Doesn’t enjoying where you are mean you’ve given up on what you…

  • "This isn't what I expected"" Encouragement for when life isn't what it "should" be | Giving Yourself Permission } Unmet Expectations | Daily Encouragement | justbeautifullyhonest.com
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    “This isn’t what I expected”: Encouragement for when life isn’t what it “should” be

    Last Saturday night I had a revelation.   I was in the bathroom cleaning, scrubbing a mascara smudge off the sink and trying to scoot the ever-curious kitty cat off the counter, and I realized…   …it’s ‪Saturday night‬, and I’m at home scrubbing the bathroom, and I’m…happy?   Now this is where some people would say that I’m old, but honestly, if learning to love a clean house and a night in my jammies is old, then I’m totally here for it. But more than being “old” (which personally I think I’m not, thank you very much), there’s something else that I realized in this moment.   I realized…

  • What I'm Looking Forward to: May
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    What I’m looking forward to: May

      What’s this monthly “looking forward to” stuff all about? Check out “What I’m Looking Forward To: April” to read why I started it (and why I think you should, too!)   Each week since I wrote “Single Longer than Expected? 10 Tips to Thrive, Not Just Survive, in This Season,” I’ve been posting weekly tips and encouragement to Facebook and Instagram.   This week’s tip was to “Find the little things that make you happy, and do them often”. I truly believe that life is all about the little things. The “big things” come only so often, but there are little things we can fall in love with and…

  • What I'm Looking Forward To: April | Daily Encouragement | justbeautifullyhonest.com
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    What I’m looking forward to: April

    Goodness gracious, how are we already to April?   2018 so far has been a WILD ride for me, and I’m so excited to tell you what I’m looking forward to, specifically in the month of April. Why do I share what I’m looking forward to? Well, because I believe we ALL need something to look forward to! Years ago, in my deepest struggles with singleness, and trying to figure out who I was and what to do next with my life (super easy task, right?), I started making lists for myself of what fun things I had coming up next.   When you have something you’re driving towards, it…

  • When There Seems to be no Reason for This Never-Ending Season | Encouragement for this Season of Life | Encouragement for Difficult Seasons | Life Changes | justbeautifullyhonest.com
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    When there seems to be no reason for this never-ending season

      Want to hear this post straight from me? Click the link above!   “I can’t. I just can’t anymore. This just won’t end. My life is emptying out, with nothing to fill it up again. I’m going to be old. And alone. With no friends. And nowhere to go on Friday night for the rest of my life.” This has been the dialogue in my head for at least two years now. Two long years of broken friendships, ever-changing social circles, career-frustrations, and feeling like I lost the pieces of myself that I had finally found.   Let me go back to the beginning.   Six years ago I…

  • You Don't Need to Feel Brave to do Brave Things | Advice for Being Brave | Be Brave Quotes | Be Brave | justbeautifullyhonest.com
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    You don’t need to feel brave to do brave things

      Want to hear this post straight from me? Click the link above!   “You’re so brave!”   I’ve heard this time and time again over the last several years as I’ve pushed to explore the world beyond my comfort zone. I spent a large part of my twenties making a list of a few brave things I wanted to achieve each year, mostly to make up for the years that I spent being too shy, timid or scared to do much of anything. Skydiving, hang gliding, the Tough Mudder, running a marathon, these are just a few of the things on the list. And thrown in there have been…

  • Why I Refuse to be Anything but Happy About Turning 30
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    Why I refuse to be anything but happy about turning 30 (or getting older at all)

      Want to hear this post straight from me? Click the link above!   Well, here we are folks.   The eve of my 30th birthday. The day that seemed so far off for so long. The age that kids say is “old” when you ask them. And the year that everyone makes sure you’re aware that you’re saying “bye bye” to your youth (insert eyeroll here). And I get it, to a degree. Turning 30 does in fact seem to be the first year that I FEEL older. And while I’m pretty confident that my spider veins and wrinkles started showing up long before now, this is the first…

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    November: What I’m looking forward to

    Over the past several years I’ve had some amazing, on-a-high, joy-filled moments.   But I’ve also had others that were dark, where I wondered how I would even keep going, sprinkled in amongst many that were just average, and kind of “meh”. And I’ve learned that on these more difficult or average, no-spark, feeling like I’m trapped in this feeling kind of days, there’s one thing that really keeps me going: Having something to look forward to.   Having something to look forward to keeps me, well, looking forward!   It keeps me from getting stuck in the moment that I’m in, thinking that it’s the only feeling or circumstance…

  • Three Things to Remember When You're Feeling Behind in Life | Twenty Something | Thirty Something | Own Your Journey | Life Advice | Love Your Life | Own Your Story | justbeautifullyhonest.com
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    Three things to remember when you’re feeling behind in life

      Want to hear this post straight from me? Click the link above!   I was hanging out with some friends recently, eating pizza on the floor (you know, the usual), and commiserating over the ways that our lives haven’t turned out as planned.   To give you a picture of what I mean, in this particular group, none of us are married, we don’t have kids, and many of us still don’t know where our careers are going. That isn’t where any of us planned to end up. And we all, with spirited yet regretful enthusiasm, agreed that night that we feel behind because of it.   Despite the…

  • Three encouraging lessons i've learned from doing more by myself | Finding Yourself | Things to Do Alone | Date Yourself | justbeautifullyhonest.com
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    When your friends aren’t available: Three encouraging lessons I’ve learned from doing more by myself

      Want to hear this post straight from me? Click the link above!   I’ve historically been the type who would rather miss out on something altogether than show up by myself.   Anyone out there feel me? I always felt I needed someone there to depend on, to have the experience with, and I especially needed someone there to ensure I didn’t look lonely to other people. God forbid. This was especially true of situations where people are typically participating together, like going to the movies, concerts, or eating in restaurants. But as I’ve gotten older, having someone else around whenever I want to do something has become an…