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    Three purposes of dating no one ever told me

      Want to hear this post straight from me? Click the link above!   Let me add a quick disclaimer to this post: I hate dating a solid 70% of the time.   Some days, its 100%. So if you’re reading this and thinking the same thing, I’m with you, and I’m not here to change your mind. I know how fruitless dating can seem, and how often it feels you’re wasting your time. But I do believe we’re gaining more than we realize with each date we go on, even when it produces no positive results.   I’m not talking “dating” like a committed relationship.   I’m talking first…

  • My Married Isnt Need Yet
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    My marriage isn’t needed yet

      Want to hear this post straight from me? Click the link above!   “God’s still getting him ready for you”   I’ve heard this, or some variation, time and time again as a single person. Sometimes it’s that God is still getting my husband ready for me, other times, its that I’m not ready, or we aren’t ready for each other. And I can understand the intention. There is a certain degree of finding and knowing yourself that’s important ahead of a relationship, and a level of being prepared for the commitment. But while I understand, my gut reaction to those comments is always one of feeling like somehow…

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    Dating and Relationships,  Here's to the Single Ladies

    Four life lessons that make dating a little less awful

    Dating is hard.   It just is. For most of us, its a means to a more committed end, and so we endure it, but sometimes dating is just the worst. I’m not talking “dating” like a relationship. I’m talking guy meets girl, guy asks girl on date, both spend the evening nervously trying not to throw up, guy says he’ll call girl, girl spends next week making list of reasons that he hasn’t. Repeat.   For someone like me who is so commitment focused, the entire dating process can seem unbearable.   You’ll often find me with my arms crossed, pouty face on (its super cute, you should see…

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    Don’t get married unless you have to

    I’ve hit an age (well actually, I hit it about 6 years ago) where marriage is a hot topic of conversation among my friends.   Not just among my female friends either. Apparently, we have finally arrived at an age where the guys have come around to the idea that maybe marriage isn’t the killer of all things fun (praise the Lord for this miracle). Throughout all of these discussions, which are often followed by take-out and Friends marathons to band-aid the pain, there is one theme that has emerged:   WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG?   Getting married certainly hasn’t happened on my timeline, nor that of most of…

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    What else is at play

    As a disclaimer to this post, I have never been married, and I’m not an authority on dating (ask any of my ex-boyfriends). But I am a twenty something, who is looking to marry, is a little frustrated with how that process has gone, and is the target audience for the “Marry Someone Who…” and “5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got Married” articles. (To anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about, go Google “Who you should marry”…you’ll be back to finish reading this in about ten hours). Let me start by saying, I love these articles. If you’re someone who has written one of these, or you’re a married person…