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Laura Michael | About Me | justbeautifullyhonest.com


Hopefully you’ve been looking for a tell-it-like-it-is-attitude on dating and life as a single Christian lady. If you have, then you’ve come to the right place!

Just to paint you a picture of who you’re dealing with here:

I’m Laura, and I’m a thirty-something, unexpectedly-still-single girl from Maryland.

– I have a serious addiction to lattes that may soon require an intervention

– I love naps

– I think Jesus is the bomb

– I believe hip-hop can never be played too loud (if you can’t feel your heart vibrating, what’s even the point?)

– If you tell me my cat is not my child, well, maybe just don’t do that…

– Contrary to most women on the planet that I’ve met, I prefer short men (bonus points if they’re bald…no seriously)

– I speak fluent sarcasm, and am actively praying to marry John Crist

Laura Michael | About Me | justbeautifullyhonest.com

So, why did you start this blog?


Well, my life hasn’t exactly gone as planned (you can read more about that here!). I didn’t get married when I thought I would, dating hasn’t been anything like my youth minister said it would be (more on that here), and I’ve ended up on a road I never expected to be on. I know that story is true for so many other women out there as well. It can be tough. And I think often times, we aren’t honest enough about it, especially in the Christian community.

Insert: Me. 


Let me tell you the short-version of my story:


Laura Michael | About Me | justbeautifullyhonest.com

About ten years ago I was a sweet, naive, early twenty-something who thought for SURE she would get married in a few short years. Especially because I grew up in a Christian community. That’s just what happens right? Everyone leaves college engaged?

Negative. Did not happen.

Instead, my boyfriend of four years and I broke up last semester of senior year.


I had no plans other than to get married. Honestly, I had never even considered the possibility that I wouldn’t. (after all, not getting married by at least 25 is LUDICROUS, right?!)

Fast forward to today, and boy, has this been a journey. I realize now that sweet little twenty-something girl didn’t truly know what was out there in the world, or all of the potential that was right there inside of her.


Laura Michael | About Me | justbeautifullyhonest.com


I started this blog because I want to encourage other women who have found themselves in my shoes to get every ounce of awesomeness out of this God-given life, no matter their relationship status.


I want to show women that you can look forward to marriage, but live this moment to the fullest. And I especially want women to feel like they have a girlfriend, and a kindred spirit, in this whole world of dating. Because let’s face it, it can be tough. And dating as a Christian can be even tougher!

So grab a latte or a bottle of wine, settle in and stay a while. We’re going to do this single-life thing together. And hang on, because it’s about to get real.


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  • Cheryl Michael

    Laura, I love your blog! Just read Jan 29 entry to George and sent the link to a friend …..
    Your are a gifted writer, keep it up !

    Cheryl 😉

  • Becky

    You are a beautiful young lady, with so many incredible talents and abilities, this is blog is one of your many talents, God has something so greatly in store for you, in the waiting keep encouraging and rising above, your strong, gorgeous, and so sweet, love you girl 🙂

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